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About Us

LCD Mall was established at 2007 in China, we are a professional LCD supplier.

Our products for sale include world-renowned LCD brands such as LG.PHILIPS, AUO, CMO, SHARP, NEC, SAMSUNG, CPT, MITSUBISHI, BOE.HYDIS, CHIMEI and HANNSTAR.

Our product line includes various sizes, from 3.8” mobile phone panels to 100” liquid crystal television panels.
If your company has needs in this area, we look forward to your call. We welcome trading of samples or requests for technical manuals.

Since the establishment of our company, we have devoted ourselves to the establishment of secure and fast electronic product transaction models, so that the movement of electronic components would be fasters and wider.

We emphasize product quality and reasonable prices for the products and work hard at establishing a product supply chain for all brands, so that non-bulk purchasers and research and development personnel can more easily acquire LCD panels.

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